Pediatric Emergency Medicine

  • Where:  Harlem Hospital

  • When:  Schedule is provided by Dr. Puran 1 week prior to start  

  • Schedule requests:  Must be submitted 1 month in advance to Dr. Puran

  • Attire: Scrubs

  • Important Number’s:

    • Phone: 2240 (ER Extension)

    • Entry code: 62068 (Main ED entrance)

    • Storage Room: 62068

    • Bathroom: Look for key in nursing drawer 

  • Expectations:  When you arrive for your shift, report to the attending.  They will orient you to the ED.  Know the location of the important items (airway equipment, code cart, Breslow tape, asthma meds).  When a patient arrives, always perform an ABC assessment prior to allowing them to wait.  Do not allow a patient to wait for another provider if you are available.  Make the most of your block by pushing yourself to manage as many patients as possible.  Always inform the attending if you are leaving the ED. Nurses want to be told orders verbally prior to putting them in Quadramed.

  • Picking Up Patients: Look at wall with patient beds. Patients that have not been seen will be in the “New Patients” slot. Grab chart from “New Patients”, obtain sticker with patient information and then move chart to corresponding room number. Then go to computer and assign yourself and attending to patient. This tells the staff the patient is now being seen by a provider.

  • Admissions: Let the nurse know when you are admitting a patient.  For floor admissions, alert the on-all resident and give him sign out.  

  • Discharges: The discharge order for peds is placed separate from the note.  When writing prescriptions, check the weight based dosage in Harriet Lane.  Ask if you are unsure!



374 Stockholm St, Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA