Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How many residents do you accept per year?

    • We currently have 6 residents in our program and will be accepting 6 more this coming match. We are accredited for a total of 18 residents for our 3 year program.

  • How are Emergency Department shifts scheduled?

    • Emergency department shifts are 12 hours. Typical shifts are one of three formats: 7:00AM-7:00PM, 11:00AM-11:00PM, and 7:00PM-7:00AM

  • What other hospitals is your program affiliated with?

    • Most of our clinical rotations will be done at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center but residents will have the opportunity to rotate at Harlem Hospital for their Trauma and Pediatric EM rotations. Additional sites may be added in the future. See our curriculum page for more information.

  • Is your program affiliated with a resident union?

    • Yes. Our program is affiliated with the Committee of Interns and Residents.

  • What type of benefits can residents expect?

  • Do you allow moonlighting?

    • No. At this time moonlighting is not allowed.

  • What are the approximate work hours during an ED rotation?

    • EM1 residents work 57 clinical hours a week (19 shifts/block).

    • EM2 residents work 54 clinical hours a week (18 shifts/block).

    • EM3 residents work 51 clinical hours a week (17 shifts/block).

    • Chief residents work 48 clinical hours a week (16 shifts/block).



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