Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Schedule Requests:
The ED block schedule will be emailed out 2 to 4 weeks prior to beginning of the rotation. In that email, a date by which schedule requests for the following block will be due. In April/May the annual block schedule will be created. Request for vacation for the following academic year will be attended to at this time. Please be aware that it is nearly impossible to grant every request. The staffing needs of the ED take first priority.

Sick Call Policy:

Resident/s on back up/sick call for each block are required to have their cell phone on and with them at all times during that block. If called in to cover a shift, the backup resident is expected to answer their messages/calls promptly. The resident on back up call must be within 2 hours of the ED at all times during that block in case they are activated. Any additional shift covered by the sick call resident will be paid back to them in a future ED block.


If you are sick and need to call out for an ED shift, please do it as soon as you know, so the back-up resident has as much time as possible to prepare and come in for the shift. When calling out sick, you must notify both the program director or designee, and the ED attending in the ED at that time.


You are expected to either come to the ED to be evaluated for your illness or present a physician’s note for your absence at your next shift. The PD or designee will assign you an extra shift in a future ED blocks to make up for the missed shift.

During off service rotations, you are required to notify the program director or designee that you are sick. You are also required to notify the rotation site director or coordinator that you will be absent. If you are unsure of who to notify on the off service rotation, you can check with the your residency coordinator or program director



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