Pediatric Emergency Medicine

First two weeks at WHMC:

  • Where: 6th floor CCU

  • Supervisor: Gopi, MD

    • Ext: 8265

  • Attire: Scrubs with lab coat

  • When: Come early on your first day (around 7am) so the fellow or other residents can show you how to review the telemetry events and round on your patients. Receive sign out from another resident. You may save yourself time on the first day if the previous EM rotator can sign out their patients to you. Rounds are variable, depending on the attending for the week. You can find out who the attending 24 will be on the schedule (see below) and ask medicine residents when they typically round.

  • Schedule: Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 4:00PM

  • Preparation: You should read the Cardiology chapters in Tintinalli, specifically on ACS and CHF. Also, review ECG basics, rate and rhythm abnormalities, etc. Dubin’s Rapid Interpretation... is a trusted and quick read. Online you can take a look at this list of free resources:

  • Expectations: You’ll come in the morning prior to round and see all of your patients, document any overnight symptoms or telemetry events. The fellow or another resident will show you how to print the relevant telemetry events. You will first round with the fellow and then the attending. After rounds you will finish up your tasks and duties for each patient and follow up results from the am. Discuss your patients with the fellow prior to leaving for the day. Make sure to update your patients and any new admissions on the official census (someone from the team will show you how).

Second two weeks at Lenox Hill Hospital:

  • First day of rotation report to Blanca Morales at 122 East 76t street suite 3A at to pick up your paperwork then walk across the street to the main hospitals security office for your badge. People interested in parking be sure to mention to Blanca she will give you a form to bring to security to issue you a parking permit. Then report to up to the CCU 5TH FLOOR.

  • Where to put your belongings: in the workroom/computer room.

  • There is a staff bathroom in the unit

  • where to eat: cafeteria second floor. Foods really good, also there is cucumber water in the main lobby of the hospital.

  • What to wear: your black scrubs and white coat make sure to bring from Wyckoff and your stethoscope.

  • People you will be working with are the Attending, a cardiology fellow, second year internal medicine resident and 2 internal medicine interns.

  • Parking is limited around the border of the hospital. I usually paid to park in one of the nearby lots usually $50 a day so if possible take subway or train.

  • Dr. Brown is the director of CCU

  • Pre-rounds: Start to pre-round on the patients before rounding with the Attending at 7am. Rounds can last up to 4 hours depending on patient load so eat before and have some coffee.

  • There is an afternoon lecture around 3:00PM with Dr. Brown. She sends an email with the PowerPoint lecture so you can follow along. The lecture is very informal usually including the other internal medicine interns and sometimes the second year internal medicine resident.

  • There are 2 different shifts long and short calls. Short calls end at 4pm and long calls end at 6-7pm its alternating between short and long every other day. WEDNESDAYS OFF for our EM conference.



374 Stockholm St, Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA